Stringing Service


With more than 5 years of professional stringing experience and advising others on equipment & specifications, you will feel confident knowing that careful attention and detail was put into the consistency of tension and that your racquet was strung with proper methodology.
I currently string on a Tourna 300-CS machine.  


$30 Head Synthetic Gut PPS (nylon)

$35 Head Lynx (polyester) 

$20 Strings Provided (Synthetic Gut)

$25 Strings Provided (All other)


$10 Head Hydrosorb Pro re-grip

$10 Grommet Replacement (you must provide the correct grommet)

(Grommets are the plastic holdings that protects your strings from the frame)


The turnaround is two days or with an express option (one day) for an additional $5. Also, please take note of the condition of your racquet frame as I will not string racquets with slightly cracked frames.

Please contact me with your stringing preferences and for more information regarding pickup/drop-off.

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Stringing Service
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